Monday, 20 February 2017

New partnership with Silhouette America

Just over a month ago I received an exciting email from Silhouette America to join their artists panel to create templates for their design store. Of course I jumped at the chance and have been working so hard the last few weeks between sorting out family life, gearing up to open my shop again and making Peter Rabbit birthday cakes for Emilia who turned 4 this month!!

So here is the link to my artist page, I have so many more to upload, but please remember this are for personal use only, which means you can't sell on the design or the finished product (though I am looking into commercial use). I've worked hard for me and my family so please don't copy them either. These files are just for Silhouette cutting machines, I will eventually add them to my Etsy store (at a slightly higher price as you will be getting the SVG, JPEG and PDF versions of the designs), so hand cutters and others using the Cricut or similar cutting machines can use the files. 

I will also endeavour to add a blog post showing you ideas on how to use my files, with step by step photos and instructions, paper recommendations and cutting settings.

Read a little more from Silhouette themselves:
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