Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Long time since my last post!

Yes, its been a long time, nearly two years! A lot has changed in my life. We have a beautiful baby girl, Emilia, who actually isn't very little anymore! at 14 months old she's keeping me on my toes, but I love every minute. In turn I haven't spent as much time designing and cutting as I would have liked, but I have done a few commissions and personal designs over the past year, which I can't wait to show off! I'm currently working on a family tree design, along with stationery for two weddings this year, and I've started created a range of greeting cards which I hope to be come available soon.

Not only have I been busy setting up my Etsy shop, I'm also in the process of learning about Wordpress and will have a website up soon (fingers crossed). I've also been exploring different frames,  one day I will be able to offer handmade frames created by my husband who is a excellent carpenter and crafter himself.

Edit: I should have written before that I've had a lot of emails over the past year, an recently requesting commissions or asking questions, apologies if I haven't replied, just so you all know, i'm only taking on a few commissions now and can't always answer every email in my inbox (otherwise I would be there all night, every night!) but will be selling my current (bespoke) designs via Etsy very soon. Thank you for all your interest and support over the past year! Looking forward to returning with some fresh ideas! Samantha x

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