Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Style Coloured Papercut

I have a very exciting paper cut to show off, it was a pure pleasure to create this commission. I'm planning on making it available as a downloadable template and to have a version with the words changed to child instead of children from many requests. I hope you like it! I cut the design out first then coloured it in. I will review the pencils I used on my next design I did in the same style, I've only just finished it and will get plenty of photos to show you all soon.

Ps. Mum if you are reading this, hello!! I know my english writing is terrible, you are welcome to proof read my blog! Love you lots! x
Pps, Clare hope you are enjoying your paper cutting journey? x

1 comment:


    I love seeing quotes cut from paper, but have never seen them filled in with colors. This is absolutely beautiful!

    I also love the font...can you tell me what it's called?)


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