Friday, 12 September 2014

There's always time for tea!

Finally managed to get round to designing a new tea themed papercut. 'There's always time for tea' papercut incorporated a new typeface called Breath Pro which I haven't used before and I just love it. t
This is my first attempt so with a few alterations it will be available to purchase soon, and yes it will be available as a template too. I have plenty other designs up my sleeve and will release a free one soon!

I've also been asked a few times to blog about cutting techniques so I will take some photos and create a blog post about my methods soon. I have two ways I cut my paper, one obviously by hand with a Swan Morton scalpel, (10a and 11 blades!), but mainly by machine. I have the Cameo Silhouette and use .svg files created from Adobe illustrator, so if people are interested in downloading these files too instead of a pdf to cut by hand then drop me an email ( and I might think about adding them to my shop!

So here are them pictures of my latest creation!

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